Deviant Design was launched to specialize in the Custom Motorcycle industry.  It became well known and award winning for his cutting edge, innovated parts, components and custom choppers.


The "Private Shop" was opened and continues to be the epicenter of James' creativity and working studio.


Senior Tool Designer @ Sparton Defense. Got to get that health insurance somewhere!

2017 detroit deviant brand

Custom line of 61-69 Lincoln Continental parts.


Design and engineering prototype firm


May 1996

James graduates from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, winning Best of Show in the Senior exhibit.


James worked as an apprentice to Patrick Dragon in his ceramic studio in Orlando Florida.  This introduced him to production schedules, business mindset and new techniques.


James won "Best of Show" at the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, taking home the $15,000 prize which launched his career as a self-employed artist winning over 50 major awards across the country.


About Spiral Design works:


Spiral Design works was founded in 1990 with the basic idea that anything can be made better, more functional and beautiful.  James set out on this path that has taken him to all corners of the country.  Establishing a love for many creative outlets and has become a master of many.  Earning his BFA began him on a career of artistic endeavors well beyond his wildest dreams.  The passion for designing, building, fabricating and painting has led him down a winding path of accomplishments and businesses.  Join him on his quest of growth, innovation and style as he rides his way through life. 

spiral design works